First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, KS
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Pastor   The Rev. Kent Winters-Hazelton
Associate Pastor   The Rev. Mary Newberg Gale
Office Administrator   Linda Bridges
Financial Administrator   Debbie Miller
Office Assistant    
Preschool Director   Jennifer Jones
Music Director   Mariana Farah
Organist   Randall Frye
Children's Choir Director    
Bell Choir Director   Carol Fleeger
Building Manager   Jackson Armbrister

Committees of the Session:

Adult Ministry Rod Nitz
Children and Youth Mary Newberg Gale
Communications David Bohanon
Eco Team Thad Holcombe
Endowment Committee  
Fellowship Events Sharon Rankin
Mission and Witness Claire Harding
Personnel Bob Longino
Planned Giving  
Presbyterian Women Rachel Lindbloom
Preschool Ministry Nancy Rumsey
Stewardship and Budget Joan Golden
Worship and Sacraments  
Youth Ministry Council Jon Heeb
Clerk of Session John Mitchell