First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, KS

Please use the links below to print needed forms.  This paperwork can also be picked up in the preschool office.

Summer Camp Enrollment Form

Preschool and KDO enrollment - Application for preschool enrollment

Scholarship application - A limited number of scholarships are available to families of need

Supplies are requested for each child for use in the classroom - a list will be given in July.
2017 - 2018 Supply List

Parent Handbook - A helpful book for parents with information about our program

Parent Provider Contract

Child Profile - This gives the teacher information helpful to teaching and caring for your child.

Medical Records - Kansas Department of Health and Environment Medical Record form required for all accredited programs

Authorization for emergency medical care - Kansas Department of Health and Environment authorization for emergency medical care required for all accredited programs

Photo permission - A release form indicating parental preference about having their child’s photo included on the website and other materials

2017 / 2018 School Year Calendar - A summary calendar of the preschool year