First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, KS
Using Our Facility: Building Use Policies

Welcome!  The Congregation of First Presbyterian Church is glad to share our wonderful facility with other not-for-profit organizations.  We hope your event will be enhanced in our facility.

A contribution for the use of rooms to help us defray the costs of utilities, equipment and custodial services is required as follows:

Small Kitchen
Fireside Room
North or South Fellowship Hall
All of Fellowship Hall
Large Kitchen **
Sound Technician in Sanctuary

These charges are for each day that you will use them.  Multiple day events may be negotiated and charges will depend on other uses of the rooms.  Our Trustees have the final decision on these negotiations. An invoice will be sent to the responsible party shortly following your event.

Our south entry to the building is equipped with a keypad for a code.  This code will allow entry, but the door is locked behind you and will need to be “hosted” if your group will be using this as a primary entry point.  We encourage you to invite people to enter through the front doors which can be opened without a key.  Lost keys cost $15 to $30 to replace.  Codes are changed on a regular basis.

Room set ups can be requested and can be made dependent upon room usage and custodial availability, but is not guaranteed.

Ours is a non-smoking, no alcohol, facility.  We do have smoking receptacles outside the North entrance to the building that you are welcome to use.

There are separate policies for weddings held at First Presbyterian Church.  Please ask the office staff for a copy if that is your event!

To schedule your event at First Presbyterian Church please contact Linda Bridges at 785-843-4171 or  A room reservation form can be obtained in the church office or downloaded here.

** Ask about costs for the kitchen when not cooking!