First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, KS
Pastoral Care and Deacons

First Presbyterian Church seeks to provide pastoral care to all its members and friends. As part of a community of faith, each member shares responsibility for supporting and helping members who are in need. Specifically, the pastoral care ministry of First Presbyterian Church is carried out by the pastors, the Board of Deacons, the Parish Nurse Ministry and church members.

The Congregational Care Committee meets monthly to coordinate our pastoral responses to the needs of our membership. Pastoral care include (but is not limited to) hospital visitation and follow-up, ministry to homebound members, ministry at the time of death and pastoral counseling.

The Pastoral Care Policy describes the responsibilities for pastoral care in the following manner. The pastors provide emergency and ongoing hospital visitation. Members of the Deacons also carry out weekly hospital visits. When a member is released from hospital care, the Deacon and members of the Parish Nurse Ministry provide ongoing contact and care. Members who are homebound receive regular visits from Deacons.

Home communion is provided to the homebound once every quarter, brought by elders and deacons, along with the pastors.

Members are encouraged to contact the church office, or speak to a pastor in person, when a hospitalization is planned or occurs.